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Welcome!               Sheryl Parbhoo

Hi, I’m Sheryl Parbhoo, blogger and author of The Unexpected Daughter.  On this blog, I share my reflections on writing and how it has changed my life. When I began writing my novel years ago, I didn’t know anyone like me to turn to for writing advice and had few resources to show me the possibilities that awaited me in writing. Through trial and error, I met my goal of becoming an author. This blog is where I provide resources and inspiration to aspiring writers, as you join me on my own journey through writing and publishing my novel.

But first, a little about me:

I am a mother of five and a writer. I was a stay-at-home mom for over 20 years while my Indian American husband and I raised our children with their father’s spicy masala culture mixed into my southern cornbread way of life.  Amidst the hurricane of life with many children, I gave myself permission to start writing years ago, and began writing my novel.  This journey transformed my life.

My popular blog, Southern Life, Indian Wife, is a place I have written about my experiences with multicultural marriage and family life.  My reflections on Indian and Southern culture in my life, as well as the responses I receive from readers, are the real life inspirations for the characters in The Unexpected Daughter. Because of the recognition of Southern Life, Indian Wife, doors opened to me. I have become a contributor to various online magazines and other blogs, which led to radio interviews and an interview at PBSNewshour.

Follow Your Writing Ambitions on My Blog

Becoming a writer was a long and sometimes confusing process for me. I often spent more time researching writing and publishing than I did actually writing anything at all. Here on my blog, my goal is to share my hard-earned knowledge of novel writing, publishing, and how to become a writer with you, as I continue to forge through the path myself. I hope that as you follow me, you can see that it is possible to embrace your passion and be a writer.  The key is to start.  I will help you do it, one step at a time.






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