Eat to Live or Live to Eat, That is the Question

Eat to live, or live to eat?

I unashamedly admit, that I live to eat. Food is an emotional, cultural, and sentimental piece of my life’s puzzle and I wouldn’t have it any other way. As the southern-born half to a South African-born Indian guy, I have learned to crave spicy masala curried foods for comfort as much as the homemade grits and bacon I grew up on. The mix of foods we eat in our house define our family’s personal culture, which is the jumble of traditions I passionately write about.  A great big helping in the relationships between characters in The Unexpected Daughter is cuisine, from fragrant Indian gora-no-lot to grits and bacon for breakfasts, Esha, Roshan, and Jenny’s volatile journey plays out in what they eat. As I wrote the book, I gave my readers aromatic experience of what I have enjoyed, of my mother’s bacon and eggs and my mother-in-law’s masala gora-no-lot.

On this Sunday morning, my mouth is burning from mango achar on my breakfast food as I write and I want to share (and maybe make you jealous of) the yummy food I get to have. I’m writing my second novel, which follows Esha on the evolution of her life that’s powered by love and of food, and in the near future, I’ll be posting some awesome recipes of Indian and southern fusion foods I believe she would make in her story.  In the meantime, can you taste and smell the bite of the spread I have before me?

What is your comfort breakfast fare?

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2 thoughts on “Eat to Live or Live to Eat, That is the Question

  1. My comfort foods are my mother’s meatball garden skillet and spaghetti from Leonoro’s in Charleston, West Virginia. And pepperoni rolls from any local WV restaurant as those are a staple food there.

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